MASH Video Links

Major Ruby Bradley

Major Bradley was captured in the Philippines during World War II and served prisoners of war for three years as a captive. When liberated, she weighed eighty-four pounds. In the Korean War, Bradley was the Senior Nurse commanding over five hundred nurses, Copy and paste this link to see some rare Army footage of Major Bradley receiving an award while serving in Korea.

Captain Lillian Keil

Lillian Keil was one of the most decorated nurses to serve in Korea. Copy and paste the link below to watch an eight-minute film where her daughter speaks about her mother.

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This is a pretty hokey movie from 1953. (Did you know Humphrey Bogart made 84 movies? So, not all of them could be Casablanca.) The link above shows a few scenes from the film and actual footage of a MASH unit moving camp, along with nurses washing their hair in combat helmets.

Oh, what the heck. You deserve a laugh. Check out the trailer for Battle Circus. (Once filming was done, Bogart told the Director, who was a close friend, “Let’s not make any more movies together.”)

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